Camo Wedding Dress

Where to buy your Camo Wedding Dress


Having a camo themed wedding really opens up your options for a wedding dress. Some brides stick with the traditional white gown and add their own rustic details while others go all out with a full camouflage/mossy oak printed dress. Some of the most popular dress options for a camo themed wedding are:

White dress and add your own rustic details

Your gown doesn’t have to have camo print on it – this theme can be incorporated more than enough with the mens vests, ties and possibly bridesmaids. If you go with a traditional white wedding dress, there are many ways to add your own rustic details to tie it in with the whole theme such as:

  • Have a green, brown or other suitable coloured ribbon around your waist
  • Have  a coloured tulle underskirt that just peeks out, this would look fab in green.
  • If you want to keep the dress all white, why not have a camo garter, shoes or really rustic bouquet?

Keeping with the all white dress also gives you ALOT of dresses to choose from, which means you can find the exact cut, fit and style that you have always dreamed of.

White dress with camo print accents

Another option is to go with a white gown with camo print accents – it’s a mix of traditional and your theme all in one. On sites like and Camoformal, they sell white dresses with camo print accents already incorporated into the dress. If you wanted to buy just a plain white dress, you can also add the camo print with a sash around your waist etc.

All over camo/mossy oak print dress

Taking the camouflage theme to its full extent, you can buy a gown made out of all over camo printed fabric in green/brown tones. Again head to Camoformal, RealTree and eBay for these dresses. The prints also come in white and pink.